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Domestic Pets

Timothy/Cocksfoot Hay 1.5kg

Timothy/Cocksfoot Hay 1.5KG Bag


Premium Cocksfoot and Timothy hay that has been compressed from a standard bale down to quarter of its original size using the latest compacting technology. Making it easier to manage, store and handle but without losing any of the goodness.

Broken down into 1.5Kg bags for your convenience.

Sweet tasting hay that stimulates appetite & foraging for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas & other herbivores!

100% NZ Grown

High in beneficial fibre for good digestive health

Feeding Guide:

Herbivores should have access to grass or hay all day, everyday!  Your herbivores should eat approximately a portion of hay equal to the size of its body each day.  75% of your herbivore's diet should consist of good quality hay.  Feed alongside a good quality pellet or nugget plus the occasional chew treat.  Always have fresh water available.  Store in a cool dry place.  Avoid direct sunlight.

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