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Armis Polo Helmet - Base Model

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Armis Polo Helmet



Absorbs energy being transferred to the brain


Total mass of 775g  (Medium +/-50g)


265mm X 320mm X 165mm (Medium +/- 5mm)


2 shells – Carbon Fibre & Fibreglass to reduce penetrations


Registered Design No. 5000394


Designed to reduce neck injuries


Completely machine washable headband


Harness is made from approved webbing 


 Reducing the rotational violence to the brain

MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System) is a patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet developed to add protection by reducing the rotational violence to the brain on angled impacts.

PAS 015: 2011


VG1 01.040 2014-12

Made in Britain

Colours:  Shadow Black, Ghost Grey and Ice White


To work properly, an Armis helmet must fit right and be worn properly. In order to offer you the best value and fit possible. There are 2 main sizes with a range of removable headbands that adjusts the helmet size to fit to your head. The Armis helmet is available in the following sizes:


56cm (6⅞)

57cm (7)

58cm (7⅛)

59cm (7¼)


60cm (7⅜)

61cm (7½)

62cm (7⅝)

Step 1: (Sizing your helmet) – In order to determine the size you need, you can measure the circumference of your head. Simply wrap a measuring tape around your head, being sure to locate the tape just above your ears and keeping the tape level front to back. Once you’ve determined the proper size, you can check to make sure the helmet fits correctly. If the helmet you own now doesn’t fit on your head with just a little room between your head and the headband when the fit system is loose, you should replace it with one that does. You should always wear the helmet positioned low enough in the front to protect your forehead, but not so low that it hinders your vision. Once you’ve got a helmet that is the right size, and positioned it properly, you can adjust the fit as follows:

Step 2:  (Adjusting your helmet) Adjust the fit of the harness whilst wearing the helmet.  Insert the buckle on the end of the chin strap into the clip on the harness. To tighten the chin-strap, pull the slack downwards through the buckle and then adjust the rear straps, until the helmet is firmly positioned on the head. To undo the chin strap squeeze the clip together with your finger and thumb on the buckle clip to trigger the release mechanism.


Step 3: (Checking the fit) – Once you think the proper fit has been achieved, grab the helmet with both hands and twist it to the left and to the right. If the helmet fits properly, the skin on the forehead will move as the helmet moves. If it does not, the helmet is too loose. Also, grab the helmet with both hands and try to remove it by rolling the helmet forward and backward as far as you can. Make a serious effort. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you can roll it off the head completely in either direction, roll it forward so far that it blocks vision, or backward far enough to expose the forehead, it doesn’t fit correctly. If you cannot adjust the helmet to fit properly according to these instructions, DO NOT USE THIS HELMET. Replace it with a different size or model. Once you are satisfied that the helmet fits correctly and that all straps are properly adjusted and tightened, take a short test ride. Pay attention to overall comfort and helmet stability while riding.