Bay Blenders Lamb Milk Replacer

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Bay Blenders Premium Lamb Milk Replacer

 A good curding and highly digestible lamb milk replacer that has been formulated to meet young lamb’s nutritional requirements from 4 days of age.

A blend of New Zealand sourced natural milk powders fortified with vitamins and minerals, including a free flow agent.

Suitable for lambs, fawns, foals, kittens and pups.

Available in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg


Protein 26%

Fat 25%

Lactose 38%

Minerals 8%

Moisture 3%

ME 20 MJ/kg


Adequate colostrum is crucial for lamb health.

A new-born should receive colostrum within 6 hours of birth.

Follow the feeding guidelines carefully as overfeeding can result in bloating and/or scouring.

Mix with warm water (50°C) and allow cooling to 40°C before feeding.

Age Volume (200g/litre water)

0 – 1 days Colostrum fed ad-lib

2 – 4 days 150ml 6 times a day

5 – 7 days 250ml 4 times a day

8 – 21 days 350ml 4 times a day

22 days + 500ml 2 times a day


Store powder airtight in a cool dry place away from light

Cleanliness and hygiene of mixing and feeding equipment is vital to good calf health

Mix powder prior to feeding, not the night before as settling may occur

Lambs navels should be checked and sprayed with iodine to prevent navel infection

Eliminate stress by providing adequate shelter and a fresh clean water supply

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