First Class Chaff

Your first choice for Lucerne Chaff, Meadow Chaff, Oaten Chaff, Straw Chaff and Timothy Chaff

Top Quality Chaff

Low Dust content

Excellent Colour

High Leaf content

Locally sourced within the Canterbury Plains area



Lucerne Chaff available in 20kg or 25kg bags

16-20% protein value

Ideal for providing daily energy requirements for hard working animals

Higher in energy than Oaten chaff


Meadow Chaff available in 20kg bags

4-12% protein value

Low Endophyte grasses

Suitable for animals that don’t tolerate lucerne or rye grasses


Oaten Chaff available in 32kg bags

4-12% protein value

Higher indigestible fiber

Promotes chewing to stimulate the digestive system, making for better use of the other added products.


Timothy available in 20kg bags

3-11% protein value

Nil Endophytes

Low protein and sugar

A traditional, and proven method of chaff cutting is used to ensure that the product is cut short for palatability for the animals.

Since October 2018 Lucerne, Meadow and Timothy chaff is blended with Rapeseed oil. Rapeseed oil has been proven to be a BALANCED - omega-6 to omega-3 (2:1) ratio. This balance assists anti- inflammatory responses for the animal consuming the product. The higher omega-3 of 11% for rapeseed oil assists in balancing fatty acids in high grain diets.