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Poultry Drinker Chick Dropper 1L

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Poultry Drinker Chick Dropper 1L

"This compact drinking bottle is ideal for very small chicks. 

Experts recommend 5-10 day old per nipple drinker.

It's always interesting to see how fast the chickes discover where to find water.

Easy-to-refill bottle, thanks to hinged cover.

The leak-free nipple keeps the litter clean and dry and reduces waste.

Stainless steel 360° drinking nipple functions when touched from side or tip.

Using the supplied galvanized mounting clip the bottle can be attached to almost any cage or pen, inside or outside, and can be height-adjusted as chicks grow.

Can also be used in conjunction with chick warmer plates (see photo)."

Also Suitable for Rabbits.

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