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Speedi-Beet - British Horsefeeds - 20KG Bag

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Speedi-Beet - British Horsefeeds - 20KG Bag

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A QUICK SOAK 10 MINUTE BEET – The Original and the Best! 

A highly nutritious, quick soaking beet pulp feed, with no added molasses, Speedi-Beet is 95% sugar free. Made using only best quality British Beet Pulp, Speedi-Beet is subjected to our patented cooking process to produce a unique feed which is unlike any other HorseBeet.

There's a high proportion of soluble fibre, mostly pectins in Speedi-Beet, which means its fibre is more easily digested than that found in forage e.g. hay. This makes it a great source of non-heating slow release energy.

It's starch free and low in sugar, so safe for laminitics.

Speedi-Beet is extremely versatile. Feed it in small amounts to overweight horses as a carrier for a multivitamin and mineral supplement or in larger quantities to a poor doer for weight gain, or to a working horse for energy.

Preparing Speedi-Beet

Mixing Speedi-Beet

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